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Diesel Engine Intake Systems


Cold Air: The Secret Weapon

Improving airflow to the engine is just one part of what Performance Intake Systems are designed to accomplish.

It is a scientific fact that cold air is denser than hot air, so therefore cold air packs more oxygen molecules into an engine. More oxygen means more complete combustion, and more combustion equals more power.

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Dodge Diesel Intake Systems

Featured Product
Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers
Our high quality Billet Adaptor/Spacers are manufactured from 6061T6 grade aluminum for superior strength and hardness.

Sold as singles, order two, four or as many as needed.

Use spacers to gain additional inside tire/wheel clearance for improved turning radius (the tire no longer rubs the inner frame or leaf spring) or to allow use of stock (positive) offset wheels after you install a lift kit or wider tires.

Wheel Spacers are for off-road use and should never be used in a towing or high load situation.

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