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Roll Bars/Light Bars/Show Bars. Closeout!


You remember, back in the day. If you didn't have a roll bar in your truck bed, you weren't S*IT!

Well, times & styles change, but our inventory didn't! You know the big warehouse where they stashed the Arc of The Covenant in Indiana Jones?

That's where we found these bars!

So, here's your last chance at a few pieces of off-road history.

Now you know these are not "Roll Bars", and will offer almost no protection in case of an accident. In fact, the pieces flying around could hurt somebody! So keep the shiny side up at all times please.

They are excellent for holding up lights, tying stuff down in the bed and generally looking cool (In a '70's 80's sort of way)

Oh, and the price is about 25% of the original 1980's price too. Any lights or light bars shown are not included (But we have them too!)


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